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UPDATED 5/6/10---This post was to help the groups not have it turn into an attack on me.  Many members are upset with a lot of groups but don't want to say anything for this exact reason, the personal attack.  I will say to those reading this you want a good group or groups...I have gotten feedback that Ron Collingwood, Godfather of Mafia Wars the DOG MAFIA [K9] runs  his group well. I am a member of this group and from what I see he runs it well.  Someone told me Killer Penguins ☠[KP]☠ is another good group.  I know there is so many and you never know which on is right.  All you can do is take a chance or ask around.  
A  Godmother has apparently decided instead of trying to fix things is going to personally attack me.  That is soooo fine with me.  I am not going to behave like I am 10.  This is America, The Land of the Free and Freedom of Speech!  There is also a Godfather who I understand is upset for they think this about them and Group Admin. He is welcome to contact em to find out. I am trying to get you all to improve things like we are trying to get Zynga to improve things. 
Also another issue a member brought to me, why is it personal stuff gets dragged into Mafia Wars.  Why if someone's girlfriend\wife\husband\boyfriend get hit on we go to war with the person who did it?  It does take two to Tango!!  Or a member says something about a clan member that is a personal comment we go to war with that person?  I can totally understand if you are getting attacked or robbed in the game, then yeah call for help.  Personal matters should be left outside the game.  Plus the rest of us don't need you airing out your personal business to us. 

Let me first start off by saying there are thousands of groups out there and for the most part from what i see or heard most are doing a great or good job. So this isn't about attacking all groups. There are a few that are just lacking effort, concern and some that are just bad.

I am a daily mafia wars player. Sure i am getting very frustrated with Zynga and the way they keep changing things or the game is not working etc. Not just Mafia Wars other games as well for I do play some of their other games. Mafia Wars is my #1 game to play.

My issues are with some of the Groups, if you are a group admin and want to talk to me one on one I would be more then happy to. Let's first start with Group Admins..the Godfather. Godmothers, Chief Allianace Officer, Bosses etc, I don't understand how some of them can have an attitude and be mean to its members. If you don't want the job then step down. You opened the group or agreed to be an admin to help out, its not like its going to look good on your resume. There is one Godmother that is pissing off a whole lot of people and should consider stepping down. I can't believe the Group Admins are even allowing her to get away with it. I know a member who is ready to complain to Facebook.

If you are a Godfather, Godmother, Chief Alliance Officer, Boss etc all nice fancy titles isn't our job to run the group appropriately? Also what about your members, their needs and wants? They don't care what your title is they care that you are helping them in every way possible. A few of the groups are just there, nothing is done with them, some groups all they do is go to war and in others you can ask for help till you are blue in the face and still no answer. If you have all these admin members why isn't anyone getting back to these people? Why is it your admin can pick and choose who they want to accept as a friend? If you are admin you should accept all your members if they request it. I don't expect the admins to go out and seek all new members and add them but if a request sent they should accept. Not fair that some admins don't accept people due to whom they are associated with or friends with. Not fair that some of the groups that pimp only pimp the people on their friends list or their admins friends list. What happen to being equal?

We are in a fight with Zynga for not doing the right thing or not listening to its players but some of our groups aren't either. People want to enjoy the game and many don't know how to play so yes they rely on you group admins to help them out. I've had people in my mafia go to one group for help and was actually turned down by the Godfather and\or Godmother. WHAT THE??????? REALLY!!! How is that ok? How is that fair? Someone else went to the admins page and left a comment, they got told if they did that again Facebook would be notified. WHAT???? Then the admim person blocked their whole page, are we 10? Oh then there was a group that was sending out messages cursing at members to change their tags, well i immediately left that group when I got that. What got me was a Godmother from another group was a member as far as I know is still today!! How could you be a member of a group that is cursing at its members? Telling members they must changed their tags to this groups tags or else. That is totally wrong plus there could be CHILDREN in that group! Thats another topic, CHILDREN are playing this game!! Lets remember that and conduct ourselves in the proper manner. Everyone from Zynga to Facebook to Group Admins are really ruining the fun for the rest of us. I mean if you don't have the time to run your group anymore then pass it on to someone who can. Or shut the group down and explain you can't run it. Gosh people will respect you for being honest and understand we all have lives outside of Facebook and Zynga. For some work or school comes before Mafia wars, family comes before mafia wars. No one will be mad, hate you or resent happens. Heck I am upset I can't play the way I used to, for I am a single mom, working and going to school so I have to play once a day maybe twice. That's life! Then there are people out there who no matter what must find the time to play, level up, rob etc That's life for them. We all have different priorities and manage our lives accordingly.

Don't get me wrong there are a lot of nice Godfather\mother's out there. They are so helpful and take the time to help you out. As for me, I now go to my top mafia and ask them for help.

I don't know how you can go to battle with Zynga for your memebers when you are turning your back on them.

I like many people on here trying to get Zynga to listen, I am not a group admin just a gamer. I also reached out to a TV personality for some help. I truly hope I get the opportunity to be on the show and discuss the issues. Or they just do a show on it and get the answers and help need to fix things. Maybe just maybe someone can make a difference and get Zynga to listen and make changes. That someone has to be focused and willing to fight till the end, not start something then drop the ball because something else came up.

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