Wednesday, May 12, 2010

God Does Answer Prayers

Not that I doubt God in anyway. I know that not all prayers get answered and He has His reasons.
But recently I have been praying to Him for a few things, yesterday one prayer was answered in a way.  God sent someone to help me and in a big way.  I thank that person with all my heart and soul.  Its great know good people are still out there and willing to help. This was huge for me and Alexis. 
I said I was going to have a changing day seems like a changing week. 
So many people under estimated me, so many thought I couldn't do what I set out to do, some even thought I was full of sh*t about things I said I was going to do.   I am proud all that I have done especially lately.  My faith has given me the strength to get things done, to be strong to accomplish what I want.  Sure I may step on a few toes along the way, I am sorry but like you I am fighting for a better life.  I too want to do something for people and enjoy it.  Some of those I stepped on, I tried to offer you help or get you to join me so we could succeed together.  You, I am guessing choose to stay on the path you are on.  Not that the path you are on is bad, mine may have just gotten you to your goal sooner.  I am a strong single woman who is out to fight for a better life for me and my daughter.  Plus I  am out to prove something to myself but also to people who said I couldn't or wouldn't make it.  Never ever under estimate the strength and courage of Donna.  I am knocking on doors and knocking them down if necessary to get people to hear me.
God will always be by myside to guide me and help me through. He proved that yesterday. Sometimes we have to just leave our problems in God's Hands and let Him handle them in His way.


  1. Good luck,
    you look fabulous,
    your writing is inspiring!

  2. Thank you so much! I am trying to inspire others.