Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well today I sit and wonder what the outcome of my mammography will be.  We walk around saying oh that won't happen to me.  For so long I walked around with that attitude till I lost my husband then tought crap it can happen to me. 
I am so mad at myself for I put this off for months  for I was to busy, had things going on and again thinking, nothing is wrong with me no big deal if I skip it.  Gosh how stupid of me, I let life get in the way of something so important.
Tell you something like this really makes you stop and think about life.  Sure it could be nothing or just a cyst but going through all the questions, more pictures and ultrasound made me realize not to take this for granted.  I may wind up fine but I now know how fragile and precious life is.  Best part is I called the guy in my life and he dropped everything to be with me.   Nothing else matter but me and that meant the world to me.
So now I just sit and wait, well I am not going to sit around waiting.  Going to live life and enjoy it and when\or if the call comes then I will deal with it.  I have cried a river and probably will again till I know and even after whether good or bad news. 
I pray to God its good news and beg him to please not take me from my baby, she needs me.
For any women reading this ..don't put off mammography or pap smear etc. they are very important to you and your family.


  1. I so agree and my Mom had both breasts removed 7 yrs ago and is cancer free. It was scarey and rough but we made it with God always. Praying for you and wishing for only Good news but just know whatever the outcome God is always there and so am I.
    Love ya GF


  2. Thank you Caroline. Its so scary and I am freaking out at times. I do pray it turns out to be nothing or a cyst but like you said no matter the outcome God is always there. I am in church twice a day praying. Thank you for being a wonderful friend.
    Love ya GF