Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last 24 hours

Life has been great, school going well for Alexis and I.  Feeling really well for the first time in 2 years.  Looking foward to summer and vacation.  Last but not least have a really great guy.   Couldn't be happier.... so I thought.   I have a friend who decided to drink and get very depressed.  Made stupid comments about wanting to hang themself.  All their family, friends and kids he knew now all married, have kids and he has nothing.  He got left behind and not sure what his purpose is.  Why is he here??  Well God isn't going to say here you go, here is your purpose, you have to find it.  Only you know what you want out of life.  Of course after a few beers he text me nasty messages at 1 am...REALLY 1 am ...Telling me what I should do with my life!!! COME AGAIN???  I am living my life and putting it together, part of my purpose is to be a great mom and working on others.  I have someone giving me loads of support and has helped me so much in securing a job till school is done. 
So he has opted to not talk to me and be pissed ok fine, sure I am worried about if he did something stupid.  Not like he didn't have the chance he was engaged to a girl he was with for 12 years broke that off.  He even had me at one time but wasn't willing to put the time and effort in to help me get what i needed for us to be together.  I offered to carry a child for him so he could at least be a father turned me down not once but twice.  What more am I supposed to do???  I am a really good friend and will do all I can but if you don't let me help, there is nothing I can do.  I mean me offering to carry a child, not be with him or her 24\7 tough call but was willing to help them out.  Would offer and not think twice for another friend not this one.  Even though now all of sudden he realizes what he is missing is children.  HELLOOOOOO I TOLD YOU THAT 4 YEARS AGO!!!!!
I am hoping tomorrow is a better day!

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