Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't question ..just say Thank You!!!

Why is it when you do something nice a person can't say Thank You!!! 
Why do some people read into everything?  Why do some think the worst about people or think their good deed is not just that? 
I am too busy for all the drama.  I am working so so hard, with being a single mom, working, school, taking care of Alexis, personal life, on Facebook trying to catch up with friends, playing mafia wars, other games if I get a chance, trying to get Zynga to fix things and then today added more to my plate.  So no I don't have time to be playing games with people.  I do things because I want to, it makes me feel good and if it helps one person or more great. 
Someone reaches out to help or offers you an opportunity just grab at it, say thank you and move on. 
I am so happy with my life right now, sure I have a few minor things to work on plus family things.  But all in all I am really happy and its all thanks to an event that took place months ago.  I had my heartbroken badly, sure at the time if I could of I would of ripped his heart out of his chest and shove it down his throat.  All I wanted for days, weeks after was to hurt him as bad as he hurt me. I said so many mean things that day, days, weeks to follow.  So today I say I am very sorry.  Also today, I call him friend, that's right for he was my friend first and always will be even if we never speak again.  I don't turn my back on my friends.  I don't lie when I say if he was ever in trouble and needed something I would do all I could to help him as I would any of my friends.  So I thank this man for breaking my heart, sounds strange I know but due to him doing so I was able to put my life in order, get me back to who I was before all the bs in my life.  I saw an old friend recently, they told me how great I looked and picked on me for still being the shy, sweet girl I was when I met them.  That made me feel awesome for that is the really Donna...shy, sweet, nice and friendly.   It wouldn't of happened if I had not gotten my heart broken.  Yes I took a negative and turned it into a positive.  It can only get better from here. 

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