Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zynga and Life :-D

As many of you know or not I have been working with on trying to get Zynga to listen and make changes. I have gotten a lot of info to them and feedback.  They know what people are upset about  as well as our suggestions.  I had gotten a lot of feedback and thank you all.  I am sure now that they have resolved conflict with Facebook they will work on fixing the games.  I know its frustrating and you want things fixed now.  They have gotten a bad rap lately and being pressured from every direction.  The company is being overwhelmed with complaints, people saying they are going to media etc.  How do we expect them to do their jobs when they are doing damage control every minute.  Hard but have a little faith in them. They are doing working on things.
Now I will still be following this and feel free to email me or leave comments here on things that are still bothering you etc.   I am not dropping the ball just have someone else helping out. My school work has gotten harder as well as pushed aside and I need to get back to it.  As well I am working on several projects one being my blogging I have several people watching and so I need to also try  focus on this.   Plus be a mom and dad to an 8 year old and get her ready for finals. 
Plus have some family matters to tend to as well a friend who needs to be talk down off a ledge basically.  Many of you waiting for my reveal its coming sometime in June, now just not the right time. 
Its totally amazing how great life is going and how I am feeling.  Sure have a few bumps in the road and issues that need my attention some stressful but still staying positive.  Plus my Tai Chi and yoga really help keeping stress down especially when dealing with men, my daughter's father for one.  I really wonder where his brain is at times or if its turned on. 

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