Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend Pt 1

Well its Saturday and tomorrow Mother's Day.  The best job in the world is being a mother.  I couldn't imagine my world without my sweet Alexis.  Gosh I love her so much.  She tries so hard to be good, help me out and confort me when sad.  I couldn't ask for a better child.
Life is great for me even that it so busy.  I have way to much on my plate but in the end will be worth all the work.  I put so much effort into my life now to make it better and happier.  I want to be able to give Alexis things she needs but wants.  I want her to enjoy life, go places etc.  I will work around the clock if I have to, to do that for her.  I have a really great guy in my life who is willing to do so much for me.  I am taking this one really slow.  One small step at a time, for if its meant to be then it will happen not matter how fast or slow we take the relationship.  Plus I want to have fun with being single, hanging with friends, not having to answer to anyone etc.   Alexis and I going to spend lots of time together doing all different things to celebrate Mother's Day!  She is the best present ever!!! 


  1. Children are the best gift in the world. All my life I was told by at least 6 different doctor's that I would never have a child. Well in July of 1999 my Grandma told me I would never be alone. There will be someone other than God. In Sept of that same year she passed away. I always wondered what she was talking about in Feb 2000 I went to the hospital for a bad backache and within 2 hrs of being there gave birth to my oldest a son. Amazing and today I have 4 children today and 2 that live in heaven. There is nothing greater than a child's love , it is real no fake stuff. It's so funny how someone you never meant before can love you so much and forever.
    Happy Mother's Day Donna

  2. Caroline, wow that is so amazing. I am sorry that you lost 2 children. But you are right, its so amazing and funny how someone you never met before can love you so much and forever. It amazes me that no matter what, Alexis always loves me even if I ground her..LOL All day yesterday just kept telling me she loved me. It was the best gift in the world next to her coming into the world. She truly gave me life again, she gave me the feeling to love again. After losing my husband I thought I would never love anyone or anything again. Then Oct 13,2001 that all changed, she is my whole world.
    Hope you had a great mother's day.