Thursday, May 13, 2010

ZYNGA...Are they listening?!?!?!?!?!?

Update 5/16/10
Ok Zynga is listening people!  Just give them a chance to work it all out.  For oddly enough there are some people out there that happen to like the new changes.  I know why?  Who knows everyone is different.  So Zynga needs to make everyone happy or at best satisfied.  Not everyone will be happy no matter what they do.   We also can't expect them to do things right away either.  Things will happen if you give them half a chance without threats.

They are willing to listen but not willing to be bullied or threatened with media coverage.
Everyone needs to take a step back and let them breathe.  They are listening to the hundreds of people especially the 5 or so that are dealing with people at the top.  Miracles don't happen overnight.  Plus they are a big company you really think they  are afraid of us.  For every 5 gamers that quit 10 join.  I, like many are getting frustrated with how the games are working.  Hey its the Internet things are going to happen as far as certain glitches. Plus they like all of us have to find out what is being updated or changed so they too can update their systems.  That doesn't happen overnight either.
As for the changes, there will always be changes they are trying to keep people intrested.  Sure some changes go to far and they should let us have a say or at least a trial period to see if we like the change or not. Something I am sure they are taking in to consideration now. 
There a saying all have heard...You catch more flies with honey.  So you want something done you have to be nice.  Not threaten for you put them or anyone into defense mode then they shut all down all communitcations with everyone not just the one person or persons who thearten them.  There is only so much they are willing to take before that happens and my guess their are close to being done.

Someone said on their status on Facebook OH No one of the Mafia Wars groups said it and I am going to put in my words  ...Its only a game put the mouse down and just breathe for a minute.   Some have invested money in the game as well.  Know its frustrating and bothersome but in the end it is still ONLY A GAME!

You know I realized that if devote as much time and effort to my real life I might actually see my dreams come to true.  So I have put the effort in to my life and seeing my dreams start to unfold and become reality. 
Get frustrated, sign off and play with your animals, kids or friends. Heck you should do that first no matter what for they are more important. 
The world has enough negativity in it why get feelings of anguish caused by a virtual game in a virtual world of virtual goods.
REAL life is passing by, even as I take the time to write this blog. Gosh I spent so much time playing, getting involved wanting to be a group admin etc to make someone love me and show them I loved them, PS he is with someone else and never noticed the efforts I put in. 
Maybe if we stop playing and life our lives off the Internet they will changed but then again they may not.  For as many complaints they get they are getting patted on the back as well.  Stop letting a game run your life or your career.  So sign out, take a walk, breathe fresh air, stay away for a while, spend time with your family, for in the end Zynga will survive with or without us.  Can threaten all you want, they will do what they want when they want.  Maybe if we show them a little respect we will get some back. 

I know many have talked, many got some things done, many got nothing, some are having great talks with them.  Its all in how you walk the walk and talk the talk.  More importantly its how you present yourself. And for some who you know!

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