Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Beautiful day and life

Thanks to an awesome guy in my life and who has many connections, things are looking up for me.  I have been recently writing about my life well since my husband and forward.  Come to find out that yes I can use names as long as I have proof of what I am saying.  Well talk about doing the happy dance.  For I am the type of girl who doesn't get RID of emails I always thing I will need them.  Text well goofed on that but checking with last company to see if they can retrieve them.  I blowing the top off...LOL  It such good therapy for me maybe not for others. 
Also with his other connections I am really on the move.  I have a lot of things being discussed and I am very excited about them.  If one comes through it would be awesome, several out of this world. 
I recently said in a post that I thought we would be done for he didn't want any children of his own.  We discussed it further and its now a maybe and adopting is an option too.  WOO HOO.  So maybe he is really the one!!!!!!  Not getting to excited the last one, was the one then he decided to ....that's the past.   Plus I may not of went out and got revenge, but in the end I am getting it in so many different ways :-D
The truth ALWAYS comes out!!!!  Soon a lot of truth will come to surface not just through me. 
Anyway enough of that....Alexis and I had a wonderful weekend by ourselves and with the man.  Oh funny thing is we were talking about our past, where we hung out and people we know.  Turns out he knew a few people I did including the ex.  UGH are you kidding me???  Bay Ridge really is a small world.  I didn't tell him that the ex was an ex just went with friends.  No need bring that up. 
Can't believe I finally got lucky in so many ways.  I have no regrets and will always be there for my friends.  I will continue to do right by people and for people.  You need help and I can help I will.  I have someone helping me out in a big way its only right to return the favor to someone else. 
I am so very happy it scares me.  For i was this happy several months ago and it got scattered.  I know I just have to have faith in it all and hope it works out.


  1. I'm praying things all work out for you. I never thought I could ever be happy again and wow one day a walk home in the rain changed all that but I still took things slow and look now I have a wonderful hubby and such AWESOME children. Your a neat person even though I have never met you but just give it all to God and I'm sure things will work. God is so Good no matter what the storm.
    Take care my friend

  2. Thank you Caroline. I think you are a great person even though we never met. I am so happy things work out the way the did for you. I pray to God everyday and know he will help. He did something so awesome for me last week. As for being happy again with a man I don't know maybe just content with a man. The one I have now is great really but just don't know plus I have so many walls up after last break up don't know if he will try to break them down or just give up. He is very supportive and helping me in following dreams. See where it all goes. Just changed my status on facebook hope it doesn't jinx anything. :-D
    Take care my friend