Thursday, May 13, 2010


MEN!!!  Gosh what is it with some of them.  You have the ones that tell you all the right things meanwhile they are telling them to someone else or many others.  That is not a man that is someone looking to get laid and first one that gives it up he is madly in love with.  The funny thing is when the girl is running around behind his back cheating.  What comes around goes around!!!
Then you have the ones that break up with you but can't stop talking about you.  What is up with that????  Don't talk about me more importanly don't talk smack about me.  For I will get revenge but not by talking smack about you.  I will just be more successful, happier and a better person. At least my new beau not cheating on me or isolating me from true friends or controling my life.   Again What comes around goes around!!!Then you have the ones that are fathers who just don't care.  You don't have to care but I am going to make you pay through the nose for not caring and ignoring my child.  Hell have no fury like a mother who's child gets hurt.  The fight is on and I am ready for it.   

Sure sooner or later when you are not looking the right one may come along or the one you think is right comes along.  I have a really great guy who would do anything for me and my daughter.  He is so sweet, caring, loving and fun.  Just one problem, if we to marry he only wants my daughter as his child, no more...YIKES!!!  That could be a deal breaker for I wanted one more and if couldn't have my own then adopt. For now i will see where it goes with him.  Maybe in time he will change his mind about children.  He is very supportive and helping me with my goals.  He is also very smart and successful.  He is willing to go the extra mile to help me which is so great.  Taught me I can't worry about what others think or feel for its my life.  Just shot for the stars!!!!  He has been a big help in so many ways.   As I type this I am thinking another child is great but having him in our lives is great to.  He could be the one!

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