Thursday, March 18, 2010

HE breaks up with YOU but YOUR NAME keeps coming out of HIS MOUTH!

Why is it the person that breaks up with you still talks of you.  If they were done with you and such why then still talk about you.  Now not saying its all good stuff but still even if its bad you are on their mind.  That is so funny!  Funny that the person is in another relationship but talking and talking about their ex.  Feel sorry for the person if they call that person's name out in bed! LOL But really why are they still talking about their ex?
People today just throw relationships away.  No one tries to work on things or when it gets to hard one runs.  Gosh if you misunderstood what your partner said ask them to clear it up, why feel like you are being abused or getting to much and run to the next thing that comes along.  Then you sit and wonder what did I just do.  So now you are in a relationship you just jumped into and now have no clue how to get out of it. For you talked a big game but not sure if its what you want.  The funnier part of it is the person you are with feels the same you have two people faking hoping the other ends the miserable relationship.  Or you get the ones..oh I will fall in love with him\her sooner or later get married and soon find out they really hate the person and can't get a divorce fast enough.  So now you have a divorce on your record and for what, all because you just couldn't get your head out of your arse and end it like a real man or woman.  No lets wait for a blow up, crisis or affair and then end it.  UNBELIEVEABLE!
If you are going to continue to talk about the person then be sure you get the facts right, don't lie for it will come back to bit you in the arse.  FYI men most women save EVERYTHING so be careful!  Things in black and white seem to appear when you least expect it! :-)

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