Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Wow I sometimes miss the days of going out and partying today.  My friends and I had such a blast.
No partying today just a nice day and going to spend most of it later with my daughter.  Its going to be a beautiful day so maybe go to the park have some lunch and just enjoy the day.  I have really started to put my life in order, I know what I want and going for it and have achieved some of it.  I am a good person who didn't deserve all she has gotten handed to her and continues to get handed to her. 
I have carried around a lot of anger and hurt for way to long.  In time you find the way to release it or something comes around to help ease it.  Or sometime the person you are angry at gets a taste of their own medicine. For me, I have really put my faith in God and to get me through things.  Sure at times I want to just put faith in my hands and slap someone or many. LOL  I love that some people think they are all that and better then everyone else but meanwhile they are getting screwed and don't know it.  If you take your head out of the clouds or better yet out of your arse you may see you are being taken for a ride.  I must admit I have been gloating just a bit for two people I know are about to get what is coming to them. As much as I don't want to gloat and know its wrong, a little part of me is.  Just because I deserve it just a little for all that they did to me in my life.  Sure when the pieces fall and they are miserable and such I will be there to help pick up the pieces if they call.  For I am still a true friend who always forgives but never forgets.  I may help you up but I am always watching my back to see if you are about to stab me again. 
Oh and I hate no dislike people who walk around saying they are a man or woman of God etc but meanwhile do even follow in God's way.  REALLY???? You can say you are Catholic or a man or woman of God but that doesn't give you a pass on following in the ways of the Lord...Oh and that includes going to church every Sunday not just the holidays.  PLEEEAASE!! Some people!

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