Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When and what right does a woman have to step into a man's life when she KNOWS he is involved with another woman.  What happened to not going there and walking away?  What happened to not listening to his bs or contacting the woman to find out if they are over and done with.  Ok that may be asking for trouble but still.  I am SO SO MAD about this!!!  I really want to take those women and just have 5 minutes with them. I actually have one or two in mind I would love to have 5 minutes with. Man would I rip them a new one not with my hand with my words. I know many who would just haul off and beat the crap out of them. I love the power of words, works so much better! I think that any women who can't respect the laws of marriage or even a relationship and rips a couple apart really needs her butt kicked.  AND I AM TALKING ABOUT A VERY HAPPY MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP!! JUST BECAUSE 2 PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING OR HAD A MISUNDERSTANDING GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO STEP IN!!!! Gosh they don't even give the couple the chance to work things out just step in an rips everyone's world apart.  Don't care if there is a child or children involved.  How low can they really go?  How do those women look in the mirror everyday?  Well usually they are not very good looking to start so probably don't look in the mirror to begin with.  Gosh I will need to go to church and confession after this but I feel good that i am getting it off my chest.   You can't find your own man TOUGH BUT BACK OFF OF OTHER WOMEN'S MEN!!!  

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