Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today is a new day and life for me.  I am no longer going to let my daughter's father, my exs, or girlfriends of people I know continue to bring me down.  The girls if you like taking smack about me and having me  be the main focus in your life go ahead.  That just means you have nothing better to do. As for my exs, please you can't say you don't care or love me anymore when my name keeps coiming out of your mouths or for one you keep emailing me. REALLY!!! As for my daughter's father well not sure what to say about him.  I know that he will no longer continue to upset me or run my life.  Its my life, leave me the heck alone.  I can do what I want I am an adult.  I do nothing nor ever would do anything that would put my daughter and risk.  Hello I am the one that has been raising her for the last 8 years.  Where have you been, working and working and still don't always come through financially.  So PLEEEAASE!!!
There is one person that if she continues to talk about me online and search about me she will be hearing from my lawyers.  You don't know me and so stop judging and last I checked you have no right to judge anyone. 
May 6th was supposed to be the day of my big reveal it has been postponed for a few days due to some personal reasons.  But come May 6th there will may be lots of reveals depending on how people behave. 
I am taking my life back and starting a fresh new one, just me and my daughter.  Want to be my friend ok but don't stab me in the back for I will come out fighting.  I am no longer going to take peoples bs laying down. You come at me I am coming right back.  Oh and God help you if you attack my daughter in anyway.  For you will see a mother's rage like none you have ever seen.  If you have nothing better else to do then go find a job or a hobby.  I am working my butt off to take care of my daughter but lately had to take time off to deal with immature bs when I have more important things to be worrying about. Grow up already!  Said it before and will again....PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULDN'T THROW STONES!!


  1. Keeping you in my prayers and hoping whoever is giving you problems STOPS SOON !!! Take care and love ya !!! {{HUGS}}

  2. Thank you Caroline. I am so done with all the crap in my life. I am just moving forward and for those who treated me badly someday I will have the chance to look them in the face, laugh and say look at me NOW! {{HUGS}}