Saturday, March 20, 2010


I really can't believe how blind some people are or how ignorant they are.  Plus I can't get over how people are willing to rat people out.  Lately I have gotten so much information on two people and generally I would not gloat or at this point even care!   I have to say though I am enjoying it a bit.  I know its not right, but it feels good to know someone is getting screwed...ROYALLY!!!!  Many people out there have one or more facebook or myspace page.  Most have it for the reasons to cheat or hide something.  I know some that have two because their pages get shut down by facebook due to their clubs etc.   If you are hiding pages what else are you hiding...hmmmm.  Well with one of the two people I know what they are hiding!  NOT COOL!!!!!! I hate people who are liars and cheaters plus about to hurt someone and talking trash about them on top of it. Makes me sick!!!  If you don't want the person then get out of the relationship.  I am big on this and will fight this only because of what recently happened to me.  I am no longer hurt or angry but the innocent need a voice.  The person from above that is being screwed ...well as much as I feel for them, they are getting what's coming to them.  They have been nothing but mean to their prior partners so the fact that its coming back to bit them is ...what comes around goes around.  You don't get to walk around thinking your are God's gift and break hearts and get away with it.  Sooner or later it catches up to you.  Now the person doing it to them...well what can I are no better!!!  I want so much to tell people to stop filling me in or sending me stuff from their mystery pages but I can't.  I want to watch it unfold which I know is terrible.  Someone else's soon to be heart break shouldn't be amusing.  OH and that is other thing that gets have a page you are doing wrong on but you invite friends from other page to be friends.  Do you think they aren't going to talk?  Come on its human nature for others to talk about someone else's Lying, Infidelity and Cheating Ways!!!

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