Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I don't know where I find these men, really!!! My first husband was so great and treated me like gold.  All the ones after him, gosh they are just jerks.  They are all about themselves, liars and cheaters.  My daughter's father he really believes that he is IT!! Its his world and his way, do as he says.  He expects everyone to wait until he is ready to deal with it.  REALLY!!!!  Him and I just had an hour fight and I got no where.  It still came down to he was doing it his way no matter how it affects his daughter.  I really wish i was more financially stable so I can tell him to kiss off.  Then of course in the last few years got involved with two other men and sitting here thinking same crap they were all about them.  Told me what I wanted to hear until either they got what they wanted or decided they couldn't handle the pressure and bailed. Even those two lied to me about why it was over.  One even cheated on me and lied..lol  Men seemed to forget women know everything you can't pull anything over their eyes.  He shouldn't of posted things that could be seen. That's a man no common sense.  They all get what's coming to them after they cheat or lie etc.  I am sitting back and waiting for one I know what is coming the other I don't know yet but can't wait for it to happen :-)

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